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Travelling with Teens in New Zealand

Updated: Mar 31

Let's face it, we love them to bits but travelling with teens and tweens isn't always easy!

Here are our 5 top tips that have made our 3 teenagers into great NZ travel companions - Most of the time!

Photograph of the Ripples Retreat Family, travelling around New Zealand discovering free and beautiful experiences
Travelling NZ with our teens. Free experiences in New Zealand to do with teenage children

1. Feed them well with the food they are used to. For us, that means staying in accommodation with full kitchens where we can prepare our own wholesome food that we are all used to - food that won't make them or us, cranky.

Bring your own healthy homegrown food to Ripples retreat and cook it in our full kitchen
If you want to have happy travelers feed them good food.

2. Hit nature and wear them out with exercise. I've been very pleasantly surprised to see how much our kids enjoy and appreciate seeing and being in nature. It's been scientifically proven that nature has immense health benefits and it just makes us humans happy! We have certainly noticed this with our own family - Mum and Dad too!

Beautiful girl kayaking at Ripples Retreat in a tranquil and clear river
Free water toys for all our guests at Ripples. We provide a double Kayak, a seabiscuit and a rope swing above our freshwater river pool

3. Give them toys. Our teenagers are like magpies, always looking for new toys and experience - unfortunately, these often come with a hefty price tag!

So we actively book places that have a range of complimentary toys and/or nearby adventures which we know will keep our teens occupied. We especially love booking riverside accommodation where our teens can swim, so we can relax on a deck and watch them play. See the adventures page at Ripples Retreat for all the free toys and scenic adventures we have at, and close to our luxury riverside cabin.

4. Limit the Wi-Fi. Love it or hate it, Wi-Fi makes travelling so much easier but they don't need to be on it 24/7 so we make digital-free-time - daily.

5. Let them sleep. Teenagers need sleep, so let them - It's their holiday too. This will give you time to do the adult things you want, like stargazing, reading, and reconnecting with a glass of wine, etc.

Cleverly designed bunk beds Double below   and a single on top with inbuild shelving, electrical points charging sockets and lights. Accessed via rock climbing holds
Our cozy tucked-away bunk beds are a guest favourite at Ripples. There's a double bed below and a single on top, both with plenty of head room and in built shelves with electrical sockets and individual lights.This space also has it's own window.

At Ripples Retreat we've designed our cabin experience around the 5 tips above that we've learnt the hard way, so we can provide the ultimate holiday for you.

There's a private river swimming pool, nature walks, lots and lots of complimentary indoor and outdoor toys, Wi-Fi but also a digital detox box to lock your phones away. There's a full kitchen and BBQ and a large outdoor table for eating all your own food in a stunning natural environment. Saving you $$$$

Our bedrooms have cosy, comfy beds with natural linens and block-out blinds, allowing everyone can sleep, and the natural surroundings with wild fresh water swimming, make for the perfect holiday environment for any family.

Ripples Retreat is located on our family farm where you and your teenagers can get out and fish, walk, explore, swim, sightsee, kayak and meet the farm animals.

We are centrally located in New Zealand's North Island with stunning day trips in every direction, where you can expend some energy whilst discovering new and exciting places.

Click here to book your stay at Ripples Retreat

Just make sure you book enough days as our guests just don't want to leave! See our google reviews to see what our guests are saying about us

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